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GAB Munich - Association for Research and Development in Vocational Training and Occupations

GAB Munich was founded in 1980 as an independent institute. We conduct research, offer consultancy, develop and imply future oriented educational and training approaches and methods to the field of vocational training. Our focus is on the challenges of the changing world of work and labour.

Scientists of varied backgrounds (sociologists, educators, psychologists, economists, etc.) as well as persons of rich experience in other fields (artists, educators, crafts etc.) are members of our team.

We strongly believe that facilitating the permanent challenges of change requires to closely relate our efforts to the individuals who make up organisations and companies and their processes of learning: Both, individuals as well as organisations, should be involved in continuous processes of learning. For us this is the key to creating humane work conditions and optimizing the potential of organisations - for the benefit of all.

It is our common understanding that future-oriented learning
  • needs to be not reduced to merely functional qualifications, but must be closely linked to the individuals potentials and resources for development;
  • must take place in situations as close to reality as possible (“learning in the work place”).
The integration of theory and practice is critical to mastering these challenges. We seek to accomplish this in each of our projects.

Therefore we pay special attention to:
  • linking the field of primary vocational training and continuous education (on basis of reality based learning)
  • the connection between personal and professional (that is: biographical) learning
  • the development, assessment and recognition especially of non-formal competences
  • organisational development, creating learning structures within organisations and work places
  • quality development and management (see our “GAB –Instrument”)”

We do not offer pre-fabricated solutions to our clients but strive to create custom solutions based on our client’s specific situation and needs - in direct cooperation with them.

Typical clients/partners :
  • regional, national and European institutions (political, administrative, professional)
  • companies of all sizes and branches,
  • social and educational institutions (from boarding home to geriatric institutions, primary vocational training to continuing training/education)
  • universities, research institutions, providers of training, consulting etc. (worldwide)

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