News-date 29.06.2015:

Learning in real work as a way of integration and inclusion

Cooperation meeting with Romanian partners in the GAB

A cooperation meeting in the context of the transnational cooperation "Pro Juvenes" took place on 24.06.2015 in the GAB in Munich. Our guests, Romanian partners from the General Union of Romanian Industrialists UGIR, Romanian entrepreneurs and consultants discussed issues of integration and inclusion of unemployed youth in the (vocational) education system.

After getting to know the GAB presented their approach of work-integrated learning in the context of the challenges of European youth unemployment. After Nicolas Schrode had imagined the GAB, the approach of work-integrated learning and some sample projects, Simone Zerbst, guest speaker from GAB partner European Training Center (ETC) Munich (, drew a picture of the key challenges and ways of vocational preparation and vocational accompaniment preparatory training (BVB). Peter Elsäßer concluded with "Productive Tasks as a way in the Transition from School to Profession" on a very specific example - the restoration of a derelict castle - to demonstrate the work-integrated learning approach of GAB. This challenge had motivated the youngsters to learn because it gave them the feeling that they are really needed and thus could mint and experience self-confidence and sense of self-efficacy and competence. Facilitators of learning in the work were able to arrange that productive tasks optimally as learning fields – for practical skills, but also theoretical backgrounds. The win-win situations of such projects lies in the integration of youth and at the same time in strengthening the region.

After the presentations a very fruitful exchange of content put priorities for further cooperation.

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