Competencies Development through Self-learning in Service SME’s

The project aims to develop and test self-learning tools addressed to empowering SME’s worker competencies of the services sector and through it to improve the quality and the work organisation towards a learning organisation.

  • To establish a common platform to guarantee a good partnership work and to raise the potential of sustainability of it;
  • To investigate the state of art in each region involved in order to be able to produce more users oriented products;
  • To develop a facilitator guide for facilitators that will support the learning process implementation in SME;
  • To develop a set of self-learning instruments aiming to create self-reflection processes to support development of competencies of workers and at the same time improvement in the organisation;
  • To test the set of tools in the different subsectors in at least 5 organisations by region involved;
  • To analyse the results of the different subsectors test in order to adjust the tools according to the commonalities and the differences detected and to finalise the package according to these results;
  • To monitor and evaluate the activities of the project and to elaborate an evaluation report;

Click here for detailed project description (in german language).

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Project run time

October 2005 until October 2007

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