Identity and Difference: Creative Artistic Exercises as Didactic Support in Adult Education

In the project ARTID, European pioneer-institutions will collaborate for the first time in order to develop a general concept of artistic and creative activities in Adult education. This will also enable other adult education institutions, which are new to the field to benefit from previous experiences and gained knowledge, as well as introduce these methods into their educational program.

The project has two different levels of objectives:

1. Methodological Advancement of adult education by introducing and expanding the use of artistic exercises. The objective is to
  • examine the potential of and the necessary conditions for the application of artistic exercises in adult education – by testing, exchange of experiences, and systematic analysis and evaluation.
  • improve the attractiveness and effects of adult education activities for people with less educational achievement
  • promote the creativity of adults and their openness to new ways and habits of behaviour and improvement of their competencies in handling social and cultural challenges in Europe.
2. Since it’s not possible to develop and evaluate artistic activities in adult education abstractly, it’s necessary to focus on a defined educational issue. Therefore as a thematic frame of its adult education activities, the project will focus on the theme “Identity and Difference” – an issue of high relevance in the context of European integration. By the development, test and optimization of adult education actions including artistic exercises, the projects aims at
  • the support of adults, to experience cultural diversity as a chance and enrichment, to fruitfully interact with members of other social and cultural groups and to stay aware oft its own identity at the same time.
  • the generation and sustaining of identity building processes as a basis for intercultural and intergenerational dialogue focussing on different vulnerable social groups, already involved in the activities of the partners.
  • the reduction of tensions and conflicts between these different cultural and social groups.

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Project run time

November 2008 until October 2010


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