Training in Quality: VET and Enterprises

Training providers have not only to develop training actions with high levels of quality but they should also performance internally under standardized Quality procedures.

Why? A Quality Management System helps organizations to:
  • Evaluate what, how and under what conditions they performance
  • Count on information for decision-making by data-collection and gathering of indicators
  • Change what organizations have to in order to achieve their goals and develop their missions
  • Take advantage of the tools it makes it available along with a tested management methodology
  • Motivate employees
  • Identify all resources needed for fulfilling the organization´s objectives
  • Favour the development of researches for areas of improvement
  • Improve organization´s efficiency (by developing planned activities and achieving the expected results) and effectiveness (relation between results achieved and resources used)
  • Arrange and systematize what organizations are intended to do by homogenizing their processes
  • Satisfy customers needs, interests and expectations
  • Achieve an image featuring excellence, credibility and quality
From this perspective, QVETIS-“Training in Quality: VET and Enterprises” is intended to develop, implement, test and vali-date a Quality Management System for Continuing Training providers in order to enhance their performance under the Euro-pean Common Framework for Quality Control.

Click here for detailed project description (in german language).

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2008 until 2009


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