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Our team is most effective when we work with clients who not only value “change management” by learning, but also give serious attention to the participation of all members of their organization to managing change through learning, bottom up as well as top down.

Our main objective is to
  • ENABLE individuals and organizations to grasp the positive values and benefits of change by embracing unpredictable, unexpected situations
  • ENHANCE and DEVELOP each individuals personal and professional resources.
We have developed a number of approaches to this subject, such as:
  • a Concept of “”Learning Guided by Experience”;
  • the “Concept of “Working and Learning”;
  • both being based upon our “”Concept of Creative Action”;
  • the “Concept of “Understanding Biography for Mastering Vocational Challenges”;
  • the “GAB -Instrument for Quality Management and Development”
Our Institutes philosophy is: Let us start with the raw material of human experience (phenomena) and go from there to gaining theoretical explanations. For this reason we do prefer qualitative methods.
It is our intention to develop creative approaches to the uncertainties of human knowledge by “experience-guided learning”. We, therefore, do not offer standardised, but customized, creative solutions in our programme.

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